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Local Stakeholders

Mercialys ensures that its centers are firmly established in their local community life by promoting projects led by regional stakeholders.

“Maison des Associations” charity unit for raising awareness

Set up at shopping center entrances, the “Maison des Associations” units are freely made available to charities, enabling them to benefit from a place to express themselves, meet up and engage with customers. These spaces welcome both national charities and local organizations covering diverse themes (culture, sport, solidarity, etc.).



The charity forums organized in Mercialys centers are also an opportunity for local charities to present their activities, collect funds and recruit new members.



Mercialys has chosen to partner with the charity “Médecins du Monde”. It helps this humanitarian association to raise funds in order to ensure the sustainability of its actions. Teams from Médecins du Monde visit the centers to promote their actions and recruit new sponsors.


2020 goal: Making the centers a legitimate forum for “Living Together” by encouraging people to think and take action.



Employment-related events:

Locally, Mercialys is also very involved in supporting employment. Each year, at most of its centers, the Company organizes employment days or forums, in partnership with local employment associations.




Goal 2020 : Contributing towards local economic development by supporting local employment and entrepreneurship.