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High Street retail projects

Mercialys develops a global vision for its retail sites, from peri-urban to core high-street locations, enabling them to continuously evolve, anticipating changes in consumer buying behavior, needs and lifestyles, while respecting the local features of all the areas where it operates.


The Company designs and develops innovative and sustainable mixed-use urban projects in the regions, where economic vitality and transformation are vital issues.



Architect: Ateliers 2/3/4 - views to date, subject to change


In partnership with municipalities, real estate operators and architects, Mercialys contributes to the vibrant development and sustainability of high-street and peri-urban retail, thanks to its complementary real estate expertise in multiple areas:


  • Real estate development through its subsidiary Astuy

  • Value creation for the assets and plots that it owns

  • Project management assistance for third parties


The projects developed by Mercialys provide a response to the key challenges facing cities and the retail sector, which are constantly evolving:


  • Effective control over urban sprawl

  • Carefully thought out densification and diversity (housing, offices, serviced residences, etc.) to build functional, social and intergenerational links

  • Transformation and modularity of uses and buildings

  • Local roots


Architect: Ateliers 2/3/4 - view to date, subject to change

Examples of current development

Saint-Denis (93): requalification of an asset in an evolving sector


  • Creation of 271 homes, including rent-free / social housing and a student residence - 14,500 sq.m floorspace

  • Resizing of the Leader Price store and creation of a restaurant next to the canal

  • Replacement of the existing ground-floor car park with underground parking


Expected delivery: 2024