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La Galerie en Plein Air

Mercialys specializes in active asset management with respect to its shopping centers, and is taking a dynamic approach to value creation through an ambitious program to transform its shopping-center portfolio. The approach consists of taking a holistic view of each center, using both internal and external space to maximize its commercial potential.

Mercialys' efforts in this area have resulted in the innovative Village.services concept, called  “La Galerie en Plein Air”.

A new form of retailing

“La Galerie en Plein Air”offers a new, distinctive form of retailing, consisting of a retail walkway located in the center's outside car park, opposite the center's main entrance. The village creates over 300m2 of additional retail space, and gives shoppers renewed exposure to service outlets.


The concept has several aims:

  • create around 10 additional small retail units;

  • maintain traditional service activities on the site: dry cleaners, florist, delicatessen, automobile services etc.;

  • introduce distinctive activities: parcel locker services for online purchases (e.g. InPost), food trucks etc.;

  • provide growth opportunities for independent local entrepreneurs;

  • enable centers to further their social commitments by housing "Maison des Associations" charity centers;

  • enhance the retail experience with a new format that creates a link between the space outside the center and the main shopping area.


Applied for the first time at the Nacarat shopping center in Clermont-Ferrand,” La Galerie en Plein Air “ has opened on 5 Mercialys’ sites.