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A single and innovative brand

Mercialys’ latest innovation with the creation of a single brand name for its shopping centers

Remaining loyal to its strategy of ongoing innovation, Mercialys has launched the first universal shopping center brand for all of its shopping centers in France – G  LA GALERIE. This strong identity enables it to stand out from the crowd and makes life easier for customers, highlighting the strengths of the group’s partner retailers and making its shopping centers clearer and more visible.



 G LA GALERIE is a strong, direct and modern brand name that makes an impact. 


Always the pioneer, Mercialys is now proposing a revised identity that reflects its DNA as a partner of day-to-day life.

This highly innovative brand name is a structural move for the company’s development strategy, which aims to continually update its properties and make them more


Use of digital tools is now commonplace and has changed consumer behavior considerably. Mercialys is evolving with their needs in order to stand out in a highly competitive landscape to be able to speak loudly and clearly to its customers and come up with a targeted and unique response to their demands by rolling out an effective and pragmatic policy of services. This is the aim of the G LA GALERIE concept, which reflects a different way of looking at retail.

 In concrete, this entails an architecture that creates a sense of preference by putting the emphasis for customers on clarity of retail services, ease of moving around, access and finding services.

Digital and marketing synergies

This single brand is making it possible to pool marketing actions and further strengthen digital synergies, helping improve legibility and visibility for sites both physically and online.

This new digital ecosystem is also making it possible to align our responses as closely as possible with the expectations of customers in our centers, with tailored marketing action plans, thanks to improved knowledge of customer behavior and journeys.


G LA GALERIE fits in with the values that drive Mercialys and underpin everything it does.

  • It focuses on flexibility in terms of positioning and real estate strategy, adjusting its offering to specific local requirements and constantly creating new forms of retail
  • Proximity, by forging close ties with retailers and rolling out initiatives, services and concrete actions tailored to customers’ actual needs
  • Commitment, by establishing its presence in a way that respects the local region, greater collaboration with local associations and obtaining environmental certification for its shopping centers
  • And lastly, Innovation, via a continuous improvement approach, source of operational excellence and sites leadership within their catchment area