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Mission, vision and values

Mercialys' business aims to ensure the profitability of its assets, but is also integrated within a broader economic and social context.


Within this framework, the Management and all the employees are able to count on ethical principles and values that are shared collectively throughout the company and make an integral part of its culture.


The resulting coherence and cohesion enable Mercialys to build with confidence for the long term, around committed partners.



Making our customers’ lives easier each day.



We firmly believe that only shopping centers that are on a human scale and have close links with their communities can become real partners for day-to-day life, sustainably creating value for all our stakeholders (investors, retailers and customers).



The Mercialys Group's culture is expressed through 4 values.


Embracing a flexible approach to rapidly evolve in a changing world


Agility is first of all about flexibility, in terms of not only our approach to retail and the definition of our retailer mix, but also our organization of work.


Agility is also about movement, the ability to continually progress in order to adapt to a changing environment. Mercialys supports retailers, which can align themselves with quicker changes in their models.


Lastly, agility means speed, with responsiveness and effective execution making it possible to shorten the usually long timeframes involved with real estate. Illustrating this, Mercialys is optimizing the implementation times for its projects.


In other words, agility is what enables Mercialys to be a living real estate group


Understanding diverse expectations, with teams that are committed to meeting needs effectively


Proximity is first of all about listening and understanding. Extensive exchanges with all its various stakeholders enable Mercialys to understand the expectations of each and every one of them and constantly look for a convergence of interests. This notably enables the company to build up good understanding of the economic, social and societal dynamics in its regions.


Secondly, proximity means sharing. Regular dialogue ensures understanding and cooperation between Mercialys' employees and makes it possible to engage and coordinate multidisciplinary, multisite teams around ambitious projects.


Lastly, proximity stands for efficiency. The ability to offer solutions efficiently, including a practical, high-quality customer journey. Efficiency is key to Mercialys taking action and developing its retail offering.


Fundamentally, proximity is what enables Mercialys to develop a strong, clear identity and adopt a positioning that is consistent with the needs of its catchment areas, generating recurrent customer visits.


Respecting all regulations and stakeholders, looking for balanced, responsible agreements


Commitment first of all involves a deep attachment to fundamental principles and rules, particularly respect for the demands of local communities. It means ensuring constant compliance with the laws in force and embracing our responsibilities relating to social, societal and environmental protection. Mercialys is fully aware of its role in structuring the regions and has positioned local engagement by its shopping centers at the heart of its CSR strategy.


Commitment means being open-minded and embracing diversity. It means understanding that we operate within a diverse, integrated ecosystem, and constantly looking for a form of cohesion with a view to promoting our collective efficiency. Each individual is unique and Mercialys sees this as a source of strength and opportunities. It always looks to provide its teams with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and profiles, inspiring and bringing fresh perspectives on its activities.


Lastly, commitment means moderation and balance within our professional relations and the positions we take up. It means adopting ethical, fair and honest behaviors, ensuring integrity and seeking to establish win-win agreements.


For Mercialys, commitment means awareness of its role and responsibility within society. It is a source of strength, building more united teams and consistent actions.


Continuously improving to constantly renew the retail offering and deliver sustainable outperformance


Innovation reflects the ambition to be creative and explore diverse forms of expression for retail. It is this ability shown by Mercialys' teams to continuously question their practices in order to constantly renew customers’ curiosity and interest.


Innovation is also all about freedom and enthusiasm, an entrepreneurial spirit and daring approach that all Mercialys employees are invited to put into practice in their work, which is the foundation for the independence given to the teams.


Lastly, innovation represents pragmatic adaptation. It represents a demand for continuous improvement, looking for long-term performance and results in a world within which consumption habits are changing quickly.