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The Mercialys model is at the crossroads of two key sectors in France’s economy: real estate and the retail trade. The Company’s financial and operational issues are linked to the understanding of, and ability to adapt to, the needs of retailers facing a change in consumption patterns as well as the management of the property tool and ability to change it in line with our position.


Our strategy is in fact based on the ongoing redevelopment of real estate assets, adapting them to the change in buying behavior and developing and sustaining rental revenue while managing the real-estate timescale. Implementation of this strategy is made possible through :

  • our establishments in regions that are particularly attractive in terms of demographics and economic conditions, where improving the product offering is appropriate and where our assets, istorically located on the outskirts, are caught up by the growth of dynamic urban areas;
  • the existence of land reserves;
  • our ability to upgrade retail areas.

As part of this, Mercialys collaborates with local authorities and economic partners in making our local shopping centers part of long-term urban policy and developing partnerships with national retail chains and local independent stakeholders.


Through this strategy, Mercialys positions itself as a genuine partner of its retail lessees. Its aim is to provide not only spaces, but also a service ecosystem combined with an identity equipped to convey this differentiation. Retailers will thus benefit from the support of a national brand, G La Galerie, enabling resources in terms of communication, digital offer, and environmental performance management to be shared, all for the benefit of consumers.

Finally, Mercialys is a local stakeholder for visitors, more than half of whom visit our centers more than once a week. This is why it pays particular attention to operational excellence, the ongoing improvement of the product offer and its regular renewal, due notably to casual leasing, a segment in which Mercialys is a leading player in France.