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Building engagement and sharing values

The values that guide the company must lay the foundations for a culture of confidence and trust that empowers each individual to develop their full potential, to engage and to convey positive values.

2030 goal

Developing employee engagement and satisfaction

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • Joining the ranks of companies classed as “a great place to work” 
  • Exceeding 70% satisfaction for 5 criteria relating to respect, fairness, pride at being part of the company, feeling of confidence and trust, and employee accountability
  • 100% of employees with a CSR objective in their annual roadmap

Our main achievements

Further strengthening engagement: Mercialys regularly conducts an employee engagement survey, which provides it with exhaustive insights to take stock of the situation and implement relevant action plans. It assesses employee engagement and satisfaction on aspects such as confidence and trust in the leadership team, pride in their work, the welcoming atmosphere and relations between colleagues.


Building employee awareness: Mercialys fully engages its staff in its CSR approach, across all departments and all levels. In 2022, 95% of them were trained on the Company’s CSR approach and its means for taking action. Since 2017, CSR criteria have also been taken into account for employees’ annual individual bonuses.

Our key figures for 2022


of employees with a CSR objective

Maintenance of Great place to work award