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Promoting diversity

Mercialys is committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and building stronger levels of engagement among its employees

Ensuring gender equality in the workplace

Mercialys promotes gender equality in the workplace, particularly for management-level positions. Highlighting this, women make up 50% of its Management Commitee and 55% of the members of its Board of Directors in 2019.

Gender equality cannot be ensured without equal pay for men and women. To help achieve this, average pay rises are automatically applied for women when they are on maternity leave.

The Company was ranked 4th out of the SBF 120 in 2018 for the representation of women in executive roles in the rankings drawn up by the French Secretary of State for Gender Equality and Ethics & Boards. In 2019, for the fifth consecutive year, it also won the award for the best representation of women in the top 100 management positions for all SBF 120 companies.


Although not subject to this obligation, Mercialys also calculates and publishes the gender equality index, which aims to measure pay gaps and differences in situations in companies. In 2019, Mercialys scored 92/100, significantly higher than the minimum level demanded by the public authorities (75/100).


In 2019

The gender pay gap for male and female executives was halved compared with 2018 to reach -2.1%.




Promoting integration for disabled people

Mercialys contributes directly towards employment for disabled people by working with companies from the disability-support sector for various services at its centers (particularly garden area maintenance and center cleaning services). The Company is also committed to using adapted recruitment solutions through specialist recruitment firms to support the integration of disabled people and raise awareness among its employees and managers, especially during Disability Employment Week. 



2020 goal

Combating all forms of discrimination.