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Quality of life at work

Mercialys’ employees are ambassadors for the Company and its CSR commitments with its various external stakeholders. That is why Mercialys ensures a particularly strong focus on employee training and workplace wellness.

Supporting employees with their work-home life balance

To help employees effectively reconcile their work and home lives, an information booklet on parenting, drawn up in partnership with the Observatoire de la Parentalité en Entreprise, is made available to them. It provides information on the various types of leave entitlements relating to parenting, in addition to presenting Mercialys’ actions in this area. In partnership with Campus Parentalité, Mercialys provides employees with access to a digital platform that offers fun and educational content to support families and enable each child to make progress.

Ensuring workplace health and safety

Mercialys’ workplace health and safety actions are focused primarily on preventing psychosocial risks and particularly stress. In 2017, guidelines regarding the right to disconnect, setting out best practices for preventing stress caused by excessive use of professional digital devices, were shared by each manager with all their employees. 



2020 goal

Ensure employee health and safety.

Supporting employees

The development of employees’ skills and knowledge is a core focus within Mercialys’ management strategy. Employees are invited to put forward their training goals during their annual performance review. 



In 2019

99% of employees attended one or more training courses, versus 64% in 2016.