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Visitors are an integral part of the deployment of Mery’21. That is why Mercialys is ramping up its tools for measuring their satisfaction, while raising their awareness of social and environmental issues.


Listening to visitors

To meet customer’s expectations as effectively as possible, Mercialys has rolled out two tools: its operational excellence audits and its satisfaction survey.

Mercialys regularly carries out operational excellence audits. It aims to objectively assess the quality of service provided. To achieve this, a mystery shopper visits the centers and rates them based on a series of criteria.


The customer satisfaction survey enables customers to express their views concerning the quality of access to the center, the selection of shops, the services available, etc.


94% of Mercialys' real estate assets (in portfolio value) have been part of a satisfaction survey for the past two years. The average score for Mercialys shopping centers is 4.3 out of 5, an improvement of 2% compared to the previous edition.


Customers can also share their suggestions and interact with the centers’ management teams on the website and Facebook pages for the various centers.

Building awareness of sustainable development issues

Mercialys welcomes various stakeholders from the social and sharing economy for workshops to raise awareness on social and environmental issues with visitors in the centers. In addition, messages to raise awareness of environmentally-responsible steps that can be taken each day are regularly distributed on screens in the centers. 


Accessibility for everyone

Mercialys is committed to making its shopping centers accessible for everyone and particularly disabled people, whatever their disability.