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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of Mercialys’ management and strategy. This is reflected in the responsible and ethical management of the various shopping centers each day. Determined to play an active part in the socio-ecological transition of local communities, Mercialys has formalized its CSR strategy for 2015-2020: Mery’21.

Strategy with 10 initiatives

Developed by Mercialys’ teams with a participatory approach, the CSR strategy is being rolled out around 10 initiatives. For each of them, it sets quantitative and qualitative objectives to be achieved by 2020 and proposes an operational program to be implemented across the portfolio.


Identifying stakeholders

Mercialys has built up solid relationships and engages in regular dialogue with all its stakeholders: not only its retailers and direct customers, but also visitors to its shopping centers, its suppliers and service providers, its local government and non-profit partners, and the financial community and professional bodies. This dialogue is an opportunity to implement a process of continuous improvement and innovation.