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Regional development

Mercialys is established as a key partner for regional development, positioning its centers as springboards for local economic and community life.

2030 goals

100% of centers committed to robust regional development

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • 100% of center managers mentoring an entrepreneurial project owner
  • 100% of strategic centers offering the loyalty program and the last-mile delivery service for high-street retailer associations
  • 100% of strategic centers involved in an Employment or Integration initiative
100% of strategic centers with multifunctional spaces

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • 100% of strategic centers with at least one multifunctional space
100% local and responsible purchases

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • 100% of purchases for centers and projects placed within the region or within a 200 km radius
  • 100% of corporate purchases placed in Europe
  • 100% of purchases covered by CSR clauses
Promoting and supporting eco-mobility

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • Promoting and supporting projects to equip 100% of our centers with charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Promoting and supporting projects to equip 100% of our centers with secure bike parking areas

Our main achievements

Supporting entrepreneurs: Mercialys has established a partnership with the Initiative France network, which has been working for over 30 years to promote the creation of businesses by supporting entrepreneurs with their projects.

In addition, during the first national lockdown in 2020, Mercialys continued to support jobs by providing local businesses with free pop-up shops. This enabled them to continue trading while waiting for local stores and markets to reopen.



Boosting local employment: Locally, Mercialys has a proactive approach to support employment. This may be based on career days or forums, organized at its centers in partnership with Mission Locale centers and Pôle Emploi employment agencies, or “SKOLA Sales” school stores, like at the Le Port Sacré Cœur center in partnership with Pôle Emploi and Les Apprentis d’Auteuil. This has enabled young talents looking for work to follow a training program for careers in sales, combining theoretical and practical aspects.


Building hybrid spaces: Visitors are increasingly looking for multifunctional spaces, combining physical retail and services such as coworking, leisure venues or even housing with ground-floor retail units. To respond to this growing demand, Mercialys is incorporating multifunctional spaces into its shopping centers and urban projects. It operates its own coworking spaces at four of its centers under the “Cap Cowork” brand, with a high average closed office space occupancy rate, and plans to duplicate these spaces at other centers. Mercialys also opened the first health center in a shopping center in Corsica, with 12 practitioners covering different specialties.



Ensuring responsible procurement: Mercialys is aware that its CSR approach must engage the key stakeholders from its ecosystem, including its service providers and suppliers. It ensures that its responsible procurement policy is effectively implemented, through specific tools for each category of purchases, and relevant monitoring and control processes.


Encouraging low-carbon mobility: Electric or hybrid vehicles, bikes, public transport, carpooling, etc. Mercialys aims to facilitate access to its centers using all alternative means of transport to individual petrol or diesel cars. It therefore provides support for projects to set up specific equipment in its centers’ parking facilities.


Our key figures for 2022


of strategic centers with a multifunctional space


of center purchases covered by CSR clauses


of centers equipped with electric vehicle charging points