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4 Fair Impacts for 2030

Mercialys believes that incorporating environmental, societal and social stakes is a major differentiating factor and an integral part of its corporate strategy. This is reflected in the responsible and ethical management of the various shopping centers each day.


Mercialys structured its first CSR strategy, Mery'21, in 2015. This ambitious strategy, the actions taken and the CSR performance achieved have received regular recognition from sustainability rating agencies. Building on the past 5 five years, in 2021 Mercialys unveiled a second strategic phase looking ahead to 2030, structured  around 4 concrete commitments classed as major by its stakeholder ecosystem. Each of these commitments is broken down into goals, supported by a concrete, operational roadmap. These goals, reduced to 13, are primarily quantitative and help ensure the clarity of Mercialys’ commitments, as well as the effective management and objective assessment of its performance. 



In addition, to build lasting commitments and take long-term action, Mercialys has set itself four complementary strategic goals, focused on soil artificialization, quality welcome, community engagement and quality of life at work.



With 4 FAIR IMPACTS FOR 2030, Mercialys is setting out its CSR ambition for the short, medium and long term, and stands out through a pragmatic, operational approach, integrated directly into its activities. The commitment shown by everyone, within the company, and our collective responsibility will contribute to the achievement of the goals mapped out, making it possible to respond to planetary and global challenges.

Vincent Ravat, Chief Executive Officer