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Rationalizing use of natural resources

Mercialys looks to reduce its activity’s pressure on the environment by setting out commitments in relation to its major impacts, such as waste management and biodiversity preservation.

2030 goals

100% of waste recovered

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • 100% of waste treatment channels known 
  • 100% of strategic centers sorting 5 waste streams 
  • Using recycled materials for construction products
  • Promoting the reuse and redeployment of deconstruction materials
Zero pesticide use

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • 100% of green space maintenance contracts to ban any pesticide use
  • Setting up mechanisms to oversee providers

Our main achievements

Sorting waste: Mercialys provides its centers’ visitors and retailers with waste sorting containers. Since 2015, Mercialys has increased the streams sorted at its centers to enable retailers to improve their waste sorting.


Building retailer awareness: Mercialys encourages the retailers in its centers to sort their waste correctly, through educational materials and collaborative workshops.




Avoiding landfill: Mercialys is continuing to work with its waste collection and treatment providers to promote recycling and recovery. This prevents part of its waste going to landfill, contributing to the circular economy, while reducing ground pollution.


Rolling out a “zero pesticides” approach: Mercialys incorporates its requirements for zero pesticide use into the green space maintenance contracts for its centers.



Our key figures for 2022


of waste recovered


of centers recovering all of their waste


of centers aligned with a “zero pesticide” approach


Our additional actions

Saving water: Mercialys is working to reduce water consumption levels at its centers. Among other developments, this can be seen with the water-efficient equipment deployed (pressure reducers, waterless urinals, dual flush systems, etc.), as well as the installation of rainwater recovery tanks to supply the restrooms or garden area watering networks.


Supporting nature: Mercialys works each day to respect the biodiversity present at its centers. 68% of them have set up habitats where local species can flourish, on the advice of ecologists. Bird nesting boxes, bug hotels, bat boxes, bee hives, etc. are deployed at the centers, depending on their relevance.

At its centers, Mercialys also sets up plant walls, green roofs or vegetable gardens, as at La Galerie Val Semnoz in Annecy.


Building visitor awareness: To continue building on its approach, Mercialys promotes awareness among its centers’ visitors with a view to protecting biodiversity. Since 2019, it has planted 8,000 trees in France through projects supported by customers and Reforest’Action. It also organizes events, like at La Galerie Espaces Fenouillet in Toulouse, where visitors were invited to discover how the rooftop hives work and taste the honey produced.