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Quality of life at work

Mercialys’ employees are ambassadors for the Company and its CSR commitments with its various external stakeholders. That is why Mercialys is particularly attentive to their wellbeing at work, creating a fulfilling workplace environment for all individuals.

2030 goal

Respecting the best work-life balance

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • Developing a work environment and material conditions that are comfortable and efficient, with high satisfaction rates of over 70%
  • Respecting the charter on the right to disconnect in a homeworking context aligned with the best standards
  • Establishing a positive environment for parenthood and the leave entitlements policy

Our main achievements

Facilitating homeworking: To ensure a good work-life balance for its staff, Mercialys introduced arrangements from 2017 for its employees to work from home, and has also adopted a charter for the right to disconnect. It sets out best practices for avoiding stress caused by excessive use of work-related digital devices. 


Supporting parenthood: Mercialys has signed the “Corporate Parenthood Charter”, in partnership with the Observatoire de la Parentalité en Entreprise parenting in business observatory. By signing up to this charter, Mercialys wants to further strengthen the support provided for parents to reconcile their work and home lives, while setting out a framework to guide its approach and benefiting from the best practices shared by the signatory companies. Several measures are in place within the Company, such as homeworking, the payment to top up the social security shortfall for paternity leave, and a company family open day.

Our key figure for 2022


Extension of work from home to 2 days a week


Our additional actions

Promoting quality of life at work: To encourage them to exercise, Mercialys pays for an annual gym network membership for all of its Paris-based employees who would be interested in this. Fun moments are also regularly organized (outside the Covid-19 period) to develop a sense of belonging.


Encouraging solidarity: Convinced that this can have a positive impact on their professional engagement, Mercialys encourages its employees to show solidarity and engage in charitable activities. It develops partnerships with the non-profit organization Article 1, which offers personalized educational support for young students with a mentor from the company.