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Effective management of soil artificialization

As a real estate company, the fight against soil artificialization is a major focus for Mercialys. The Company is fully aligned with the national “net zero artificialization” target from the French National Biodiversity Plan, and helps preserve local biodiversity.

2030 goal

Focus on densification and reconversion

How we will achieve this by 2030

  • 80% of investment budgets focused on densification or reconversion projects, rather than artificialization projects

Our main achievements

Promoting sustainable construction: Mercialys operates shopping centers built in the 1980s, present in urban or semi-urban areas, and all of its development projects since its creation in 2005 have been on land that was already sealed. Its urban projects therefore contribute to the requalification and densification of spaces (brownfield), with a view to limiting urban sprawl.

Our key figure for 2022


soil artificialization
since 2005