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Carbon neutrality

As the real estate sector is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, Mercialys has set itself ambitious goals to combat climate change.

2030 goal


How we will achieve this by 2030

  • Reducing the centers’ energy consumption by -40%
  • Using 100% renewable electricity for centers in mainland France

Our main achievements

Carbon roadmap approved: Mercialys is the first French retail property company to have its carbon objectives approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as compatible with a 2°C trajectory. The Company is fully aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement and contributing to collective efforts to limit global warming. Learn more about the SBTi


Developing renewable energies: Mercialys is taking action to support the development of renewable energies by setting up solar plants on its center rooftops and in their parking areas, in addition to sourcing renewable French electricity supplies.


Optimizing energy consumption: by installing more energy-efficient equipment and replacing legacy systems, such as LEDs for lighting, Mercialys has continuously reduced its energy consumption levels since 2015. Alongside this, to reduce requirements for artificial lighting, Mercialys encourages natural lighting by setting up light wells when renovating its centers. These measures are making it possible to improve its centers’ energy efficiency.


Working with its tenants and providers: aware that combating climate change is beyond its direct scope of responsibility, Mercialys engages its stakeholders in its approach by raising their awareness and cooperating with them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our key figures for 2022



reduction in energy consumption per sq.m. between 2017 and 2022


reduction in carbon emissions per sq.m., between 2017 and 2022, Scopes 1 and 2


A List

since 2018