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November 23, 2015
Shopping centers

Four new stores for Teddy Corporate Group in France in Mercialys shopping centers

Four new stores for Teddy Corporate Group in France: Terranova and Calliope opening in Toulouse and Angers

Teddy Corporate Group makes an important step for forward in its development announcing the opening of four new stores in France, in the cities of Toulouse and Angers, with new Terranova and Calliope flagships. The stores will open in two shopping centres managed by the Mercialys, the French company owning 59 shopping centres.

The Italian glamour of Calliope makes its debut on the French market while Terranova confirms its presence after opening its first point of sale in Bordeaux in 2013. Calliope is the only Italian low-cost brand offering a glamourous taste for modern, balanced and stylish clothing. On its side, Terranova keyword is easy in order to mark a brand suitable to anyone who wants to live fashion happily every day.

Thanks to the opening of the four stores in France, year 2015 at Teddy Corporate Group becomes increasingly more precious, as it has already been rich in events for the low-cost brands of the Corporate Group as 2015: we still remember the great openings of the Terranova and Calliope flagships in Milan Via Torino in June, Terranova flagship in the city centre of Vienna on October 30th and the two stores to be opened soon in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mercialys is pleased to partner with a growing group and to prove its ability to attract international brands in its centres.

Terranova and Calliope in Toulouse

The stores in Toulouse will be located inside the new premises of Espace Fenouillet shopping centre, whose extension works started at the beginning of November. Terranova store will cover a sales area of more than 1,100 sq. m. while Calliope store will cover a sales area of more than 650 sq. m.

Terranova and Calliope in Angers

The stores in Angers will be located inside Espace Anjou shopping centre. Terranova store will cover a sales area of more than 1,000 sq. m. while Calliope store will cover a sales area of more than 600 sq. m.

These openings are just another important step forward in our development in the French market and in our development strategy on a global basis, whose aim is to combine frontier markets such as Mongolia or Vietnam, where we’re opening soon, and the European Union markets such as Austria and France. The opening of these stores will not be our last expansion move on the French market: we will go on developing our network in the coming years with both directly managed stores and franchised partners. We are happy to offer French customers our brands and to expand our presence on the French market thanks to a key partner such as Mercialys”, says Pierluigi Marinelli, General Manager Real-Estate, Management & Development.

“IDOINE and SMART RETAIL (Sabine PARAGON) are very proud to accompany TEDDY’s Group in France. These new signatures together with TERRANOVA and CALLIOPE in Toulouse and Angers allow the group to continue the expansion in the French market and to launch its development especially in shopping centres”, explains Thierry Renard, president of Idoine, consultant for Teddy Corporate Group.

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